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Introduction to Programming

This is a hands-on introductory programming course for high school students. In this course, students will obtain basic skills to write computer programs using the programming language Processing. Successfully completly this course will prepare students to take an AP Computer Science B course or a college-level programming course.

Computing for Commoners Workshop

This is a three-hour in-person workshop to help non-techinical people navigate the ever-changing world of computers. This workshop is ideal for people who use computer daily, but do not really understand them, and for people who feel intimidated by computers and technology.


Jolene, Home School Student

"I  had no experience with coding prior to taking this course with Dr.  Moten. It always seemed like something too complex for me to get a grasp  on. However, this interactive and engaging course removed that  intimidation by walking me through every step so I never felt lost. I  was surprised by how quickly I picked up on all the concepts and began  writing functional code. After this course, I realized how applicable  programming skills are to all types of disciplines and how enjoyable it  really can be."

Nehemiah, Home School Student

"After  taking Dr. Moten's course, I discovered my deep passion for computer  science.  Not only did taking his class give me a solid foundation for  future computer science studies but it also allowed me to be mentored by  Dr. Moten.  Because of his and his class's influence on me, I am now  able to study computer science at Georgia Institute of Technology.  I am  beyond grateful for Dr. Moten's positive impact on my academic career.”

Cyndi, Home School Mom

"After my son took a class with Dr. Moten he went on to study web design and did extremely well. He said that the way Dr. Moten taught him programming changed the way he understood math. It has become his foundation in all his web design classes. Taking a course with Dr. Moten was a great investment in my son’s education."

Computing for Commoners Workshop

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